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Can a gold coin change the world?
Not everyone can give away a million dollars but we can all give away a gold coin without it breaking our budget.


Best for less than $5

Fees and options!

Using Paypal incurs our highest bank fees but does allow you to donate in small amounts.
30c plus a couple of percent are deducted from every donation. PayPal receipts do not specify tax deductibility.
Please only use this option if the others don’t suit you.
We are grateful for your contribution.

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Best for credit-card $5 - $10

Fees and options!

Giftmatcher is great for credit card donations of a minimum $5 -$10 (although of course you can specify any amount).
We only incur a small credit card processing fee and Tax Deductable receipts are automatically emailed to you.
If you are donating more than $10 consider using GiveNow instead.

Donate using Give Matcher


Best for credit-card over $10
Use this for for direct debit

Fees and options!

GiveNow helps us maximise your donation as it has the lowest transaction fees on credit cards and allows for fee free direct debit options.
The minimum donation is $10. if your donation amount is less than this you will have to use one of the other options.
Tax Deductable receipts are automatically emailed to you.

Donate using GiveNow

Where does the money go?

All donations are used on Australian Mercy registered projects

australian mercy

Who we are

Australian Mercy is a registered Australian charity and aid organization that is working with the poor and the needy both within Australia and overseas. As an organization we are helping to bring change into some of the poorest communities in the world. We only take 5% of your donation (after bank fees) for administrative costs.

We have projects in and,

We are a movement of dedicated volunteers with one purpose: alleviate suffering and bring hope. We have been doing this since 1988 across many nations.

Our teams work in such areas as Malaria education and intervention, Disaster Response. HIV Care. Preschool Education. Agricultural initiatives and Disability Care… the list goes on… Australian Mercy workers can be found with Land-mine survivors or refugees or people trapped in prostitution or children at risk or…

We’re on the ground in Asia, in the Pacific, in Africa and across Australia, with a staff made up of many nationalities.

We never draw a salary from the funds raised. We cover most of our own expenses and we make sure that 95% of all funds go to our grassroots network of projects.

Our volunteer model ensures maximum benefit with minimum cost.

development council

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Please consider donating a small amount monthly

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Project File

Check out our Projects


Our hand-picked projects go through a rigorous registration process to ensure they comply with Australian developmental standards. They are ratified and monitored by the Australian Mercy Board. Our finances are audited annually and appear as part of our annual report. These are available online.

Collective Change

GCG is built on 4 principles


Simply give a dollar or two each week, create your monthly donation schedule and sit back as our automated gift system takes care of your gift and issues a receipt accordingly.


Whether you can give a little or a lot you can rest assured that you are in fact making a difference in the world. GCG is designed to assist us all in maximising our giving potential.


You can rest assured that we do everything humanly possible to ensure that our systems of management and financial stewardship are integrous.


Australian Mercy is a member of The Australian Council for International Development and signatory to its code of conduct; and as such we are committed to continued self improvement in governance, transparency and project delivery.



bring collective change to the world

Gold coin giving is our digital street collection through which we are challenging people to donate the equivalent of a gold coin a month to us and help us to bring positive change into the lives of those living in poor communities.


Collective Change

GCG uses GiveNow – best for credit card and direct debit over $10

This page is located at https://www.givenow.com.au/ausreliefandmercygoldcoin


Collective Change

GCG uses GiftMatcher – best for credit card between $5 and $10

This page is located at https://www.givematcher.com.au/australian-mercy


Collective Change

GCG uses PayPal – best for donations less than $5

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